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Ribbiting Saga is a snappy SNES-inspired action adventure game with dungeons and bosses that change based on your choices. Laugh and get your butt kicked as you hop your way through puzzle-filled dungeons! Combine all your abilities to complete challenges in interesting ways. Find hidden items and help quirky characters to get stronger. Choose your path. Save the 4 heroes. Don't croak!

We chose to find a middle-ground between random and single linear dungeons. Instead you, the hero, are free to explore the entire game's map and dungeons in whatever order you like. The order you choose will have a big impact on the rest of your game.

This means your adventure is always getting tougher. If you take a different path, you will get new boss fights and dungeon experiences whether you've watched a streamer play the entire game, or you've beaten it already yourself.

For the OST, we gave our composer the vague task of making us something that sounds reminiscent of the Super Nintendo and makes the player feel like they are on an epic journey. He somehow translated that into these really awesome tunes that we just can't get out of our heads.

Install instructions

This is a short demo for the boss combat in Ribbiting Saga. It's tough so buckle in!

*** This Demo requires a controller! ***
Simply unzip the file and run "ribbitingsaga.zip"


Ribbiting Saga Demo.zip 28 MB

Development log


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a keyboard controller plz

Hey I made a video playing your game! It was super tough but we really enjoyed the challenge. Good luck with development! :)